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Document Shredders

... that EBA invented the first commercial paper shredder?!
If you did not, then click the link below:

INFRES has provided document shredders for the Indian market since the 1980s, even before the importance of confidentiality of information was really appreciated in this part of the world. Today, a document shredder is recognised as being essential equipment for every modern manager and every modern office.

Personal / Home-use Paper Shredders

GBC Alpha Ribbon

GBC Alpha Confetti

GBC Silencio V30 WS

GBC Style


Personal / Small-Office-Home-Office Shredders

GBC Prostyle+

GBC Auto+60 X

GBC Shreadmaster 22SM

Personal / Office Shredders

EBA 1126S

EBA 1126C

Personal / Executive Shredders

EBA 1624C

GBC Shredmaster 31SX

GBC Auto 130X

GBC Auto 130M

GBC Shreadmaster 33SM

Small Department Shredders

GBC Auto+ 200X

GBC Auto+ 200M

GBC Auto+ 300X

GBC Auto+ 300M

GBC Shreadmaster PRO 64C

EBA 2326S

EBA 2326C

Departmental use Document Shredders

INFRES Shredswift

GBC Auto+ 600X


INFRES Shredpack-H

EBA 3140C

Packaging Material Shredders

INFRES Shredpack 3H

Departmental use, Very High Capacity Shredders

EBA 5141S

EBA 5141C

EBA 5141CC

EBA 5146C


EBA 6340S


EBA 7050 2C

EBA 7050 3C


EBA Conveyor Belt System for EBA 7050 (2C/3C)