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Currency Fitness Shorters

Infres has been working intensively (and extensively) with banks since 2002 to help them implement the Clean Note Policy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

We have since then installed over 13,000 note fitness sorting machines in banks’ currency chests and in their branches. These machines sort notes by denomination. More importantly they sort notes according to fitness for use viz ATM quality, issuable but not ATM-fit, non-issuable (i.e. notes that RBI wants taken out of circulation) and counterfeits / rejects. We thus play a crucial role in the control of the country’s vital money supply. Our technical teams install and maintain these machines in every nook and cranny of every state in India. We have today over 325 technicians / engineers all over India.

The equipment that we have installed has hitherto been Japanese, but we now have a tie-up with the world-renowned GRG of China (which is China’s largest ATM manufacturer / supplier and is fast on its way to becoming China’s largest note fitness sorting machine manufacturer / supplier).